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Alpinestars is one of the premier apparel manufacturers in the motorcycle industry. Alpinestars protects riders around the world, including MotoGP stars like Mic Doohan and Casey Stoner, and would be a perfect fit for you too. When creating Alpinestars there is One Goal and One Vision: to make the best motorcycle gear available. Because of this dedication, Alpinestars is one of the leading manufacturers of motorcycle racing and riding apparel. Find Alpinestars gear at Competition Accessories, where you can Shop our full selection of motorcycle parts, accessories, helmets, gear and apparel.

Every single Alpinestars Jacket is made to be tough and durable, and are available in a variety of constructions for varying rider needs. Here at Competition Accessories we have a huge selection of Alpinestars Jackets for motorcycle riding and racing. Textile, Leather and Mesh Jackets from Alpinestars are made to exacting standards to outlast the competition ride after ride.

Alpinestars Boots are exceptional riding and racing boots, and are trusted by the pros and amateurs alike. For years the best riders have trusted only Alpinestar Boots to ride and race in. After all, if your hands and your feet were your living you would also want the best to protect them. If an athletic shoe style is your preference, try any of the Alpinestars Shoes for a more casual look. Pair either the Boots or Shoes with high quality Alpinestars Socks to get the best fit and function for your feet.

Alpinestars Gloves are quality made to match the rest of the gear from Alpinestars. With attention to detail not seen in many other brands, Alpinestars Gloves are designed to keep your hands safe and your grip and control at a maximum. They use the trusted Alpinestars glove technology and offer the popular short style on several designs.

Alpinestars Pants are made to cover and protect your vulnerable areas while riding or racing. With internal CE Armor for impact safety, and various durable materials like kevlar and thick leather to provide abrasion resistance, Alpinestars Pants will keep your lower extremities injury free so you can ride on.

Alpinestars Suits are full body leather suits geared for total domination on the race circuit. With protective pads, armor and sliders, the Alpinestars Race Suits can mean the difference in a mediocre finish or a blazing victory.

Alpinestars Protection are the most important piece of gear you can buy. Properly placed Armor pads, or supports can turn a high speed crash from a tragedy to a simple trip to the care center to get bandaged up. Always wear your Alpinestars Protection, and walk away from a wreck to race again.

Alpinestars Other Apparel is a line of technical gear for layering under your race gear. Moisture wicking materials are an easy way to regulate body temp and keep you cooler with Alpinestars Tech Apparel under every set of gear.

Alpinestars Casual is a whole line of apparel for men, women and kids, that includes everything from Alpinestars Hats to sweatshirts. From graphic Alpinestars TShirts to Hoodies and everything in between, Alpinestars Casual is a more than an apparel line, it is a frame of mind. Browse the entire Casual Apparel collection from Alpinestars at Compacc.com and dress yourself in the best.

Alpinestars Accessories is a collection of items that coordinate and complement your other Alpinestars gear. Including items like key chains, belts and wallets, Alpinestars Accessories are the little touches that make your look complete.

Alpinestars Luggage is the only way to carry your Alpinestars Gear or Apparel. In varying sizes and styles, Alpinestars Luggage will get your belongings to your destination, secure and protected all the way.

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