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AFX FX-90 Helmets are full coverage helmets perfect for cold weather riding, or if you just like the feeling of complete protection for your face. With a comfort interior and a scratch resistant shield, the FX90 Full Face Helmet is a solid choice for commuters or those who ride in a varying climate.

AFX FX90 Helmets have enhanced ventilation and a pre formed recess for the use of speakers or earbuds, and offer full DOT and ECE ratings. The aerodynamic shaping of the outer shell means less strain on your neck and a more comfortable ride. Check out all the available styles in the FX90 Fullface Helmet at Compacc.com.

AFX FX90 Freedom Helmet is a nod to the American patriots that love to live on the great American Highways. With a background of either Black or White, Old Glory will wave proudly wherever you roam.

AFX FX90 Rebel Helmet are the perfect graphic for the Rebel in you. The Confederate Flag is a symbol to renegades and outlaws alike, and if you are a little hard to handle, the FX90 Rebel is the one for you. Available in Black or Orange background.

AFX FX90 Zombie Helmet is a zombie apocalypse original, complete with the zombie. In Black or Silver, barbed wire and blood and gore all fit together perfectly in the FX90 Zombie.

AFX FX90 Dare Helmet and AFX FX90 W-Dare Helmet are all around great choices if you want an FX90, but don't have a customized graphic. Available in Gold, Red, Blue, White, Green, Yellow, Pink, Silver, Black, Orange or Red.

AFX FX90 Passion Helmet is one for the ladies, with a stylized butterfly and feminine coloring. In varying shades of Black, Pink, Purple and White, the FX Passion is built tough as the mens' models, but with a gentler approach, and will perform with the best of them.

AFX FX90 Shade Helmet has tribal themed details and enough skulls to make the hardcore bikers feel at home. Available in Blue, Red, Silver or White, the FX90 Shade is dark to the core.

AFX FX90 Dark Angel Helmet has descended for the final reckoning. With flaming sword and staff at the ready, FX90 Dark Angel will show no mercy on judgement day. AFX FX90 Dark Angel is available in Red, Blue or White.

AFX FX90 Solid Helmet are a great way to go if you don't have an affection for skulls or deathly angels. If a seriously cool one tone helmet is your style, FX90 Solids are for you. If you need one that is seriously bright to attract attention from motorists, go with the AFX FX90 Hi-Vis Helmet. Cars will see you coming and going in the FX90 Solid Hi-Vis Yellow Helmet.

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AFX FX-90 Species Helmets
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MSRP $94.95
Price $64.95
AFX FX90 Freedom Helmets
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Price $94.95
AFX FX90 Solid Helmets
  (5 Reviews)
Price $89.95
AFX FX90 W-Dare Helmets
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MSRP $94.95
Price $64.95
AFX FX90 Helmets - Hi Vis
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Price $89.95
AFX FX90 Replacement Shields, Cheek Pads, and Replacement Liners
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Price $4.95 - $19.95

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