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AFX FX-17 Youth Motorcycle Helmets are down sized helmets to better fit a child's head. Proportioned for a perfect fit, AFX FX-17Y Helmets protect a smaller head better than an over sized adult helmet. AFX FX-17Y Helmets have all the same features of the full sized AFX FX-17, just in a smaller version for your little one's head.

AFX FX17 Youth Helmets are available in several fun graphics to get your child excited about proper safety gear. With a fun AFX FX17Y Helmet to wear, they will not argue when it is time to get suited up. AFX FX17Y Helmets are in stock adn ready to go at Compacc.com.

AFX FX17Y Camo Helmet is a fun, authentic tree foliage graphic that will make gearing up an adventure for your child. Camo is a big hit with kids, and this FX17 Camo Helmet will bring the smiles every time.

AFX FX17Y Rocket Helmet is a little speed demon's dream. Faster than a speeding bullet, the FX17Y Rocket will encourage your rocket man to race his best at every event.

AFX FX17Y Skulls Helmet are just plain cool, and adults and kids alike are drawn to these ever popular graphics. Something about a skull that makes the crowds gather around, so suit them up in an FX17 Skull Helmet and get them noticed. Available in Blue, Black, Silver, White or Red.

AFX FX17Y Zombie Helmet is another graphic that seems to draw the onlookers closer. the AFX FX17Y Zombie Helmet is tough to kill, so get one on your kid and turn them loose into the fight. Available in Black, Silver or White.

AFX FX17Y Solid Helmet are no nonsense helmets for the serious racer who doesn't have time for silly pictures on their helmet. Black or Olive are your only choices, so there is little fuss and zero hassle when choosing your FX17Y Solid Helmet.

AFX FX17Y Freedom Helmet is an easy way for your youth to sport their American Pride. With a Black Stealth version of the adult Freedom graphic, the FX17Y Freedom is more subdued, but still a fitting tribute to our national flag.

AFX FX17Y Safety Orange Helmet is the safest way to keep your kid seen, with a bright hi-vis orange color. Getting seen is always important, and with the FX17Y Safety Orange Helmet, they will be sure to be noticed by anyone around.

AFX FX17Y Rebel Helmet is the only choice for the younger racer who doesn't want to follow the crowd. Give your little rebel a little leeway and let them race their own style in an FX17Y Rebel Helmet.

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AFX Youth FX17Y Camo Helmets
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Price $99.95
AFX Youth FX17Y Rocket Helmets
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Price $94.95
AFX FX17Y Youth Solid Helmets
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Price $89.95
AFX FX17Y Stealth Freedom Helmets
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Price $94.95
AFX FX17Y Safety Orange Helmets
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Price $89.95
AFX FX17 Replacement Extreme Snow Breath Guard
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Price $14.95

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