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AFX Helmets provide customers with maximum 'bang for the buck' with an approach to product development that demands continuous refinements and innovations in helmet design, and improvements in manufacturing capabilities. Over the past dozen years, AFX Helmets has proven to be up to the challenge, always staying one step (if not more) ahead of the competition.

Avoiding needless middlemen allows AFX Motorcycle Helmets to provide leading edge helmets at surprisingly affordable prices. AFX Motorcycle Helmets has excelled at finding the right balance between helmet stylishness, functionality and affordability as the product line has expanded to include dozens of offerings. As such, the company has enjoyed strong and consistent growth, thanks in part to a strong distribution network in the United States and Canada, as well as to the enthusiastic response the company has received from dealers who've found that AFX Motorcycle Helmets are not only quality products, but hot sellers.

AFX has a variety of helmets to meet the differing needs of all types of riders. For the Old School riders who want the bare minimum of coverage, an AFX Beanie Helmet like the AFX FX3 Helmet, AFX FX7 Helmet, AFX FX70 Helmet, AFX FX72 Helmet or AFX FX200 Helmet would do the job. AFX Shorty Helmets are small and light, and give you a layer of protection between your brain and the road.

For the adventure seekers who choose to go offroad, AFX Offroad Helmets are what you need. Models like the AFX FX17 Helmet, AFX FX17Y Youth Helmet or AFX FX19Y Helmets would be perfectly suited to rugged riding in rough terrain. Killer graphics and an enhanced ventilation system make the AFX ATV Helmets in adult and youth sizing a safe bet for getting the entire family suited up for offroad riding.

AFX Dual Sport Helmets give you the ability to go from the road to the dirt and back again. With double duty features, the AFX FX39 Helmet was designed with the ability to perform on either the road or the offroad with equal ability.

AFX Modular Helmets give you all the benefits of a full face, with the convenience of a flip front to give you some extra space when you need it. AFX FX140 Helmet is a flip up modular style helmet for those who like the full face style, but like a little more flexibility in their helmets. The flip front on the AFX FX140 gives you the ability to stop and read a map, or grab a bite without having to remove your helmet.

If an AFX Open Face Helmet is more your style, but you want more coverage than a beanie, either the AFX FX42 Helmet, AFX FX50 Helmet, AFX FX75 Helmet or AFX FX75Y Helmet would be a great fit. With full face shields to protect from road debris or flying insects, you will feel the wind on your face, but still be able to enjoy the ride in comfort.

Of course if an AFX Full Face Helmet is what you want, AFX has a whole array of full face helmets for you to choose from. AFX has full face models like the the AFX FX 90 Helmet, AFX FX95 Helmet and AFX FX100 Helmet which give you plenty of options for full face helmet coverage. All featuring removable interior pads and super cooling ventilation, AFX Fullface Helmets give you the maximum in road protection and comfort. Also available in a snowmobile helmet, the AFX FX 90S Helmet, AFX FX 90 Snow Helmets offer better protection in colder weather with a double or electric shield and neck guard.

Whatever your style or riding preference, AFX Motorcycle Helmets will have you covered for any kind of situation, and all at an affordable price.

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Best Sellers
AFX FX200 Pinstripe Beanie Helmets - Dual Lens
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Price $99.95
AFX FX17 Freedom Helmets
  (1 Review)
Price $94.95
AFX FX-50 Solid Helmets
  (2 Reviews)
Price $109.95
AFX FX90 Solid Helmets
  (5 Reviews)
Price $89.95
AFX FX-200 Slick Beanie Half Helmets
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Price $84.95
AFX FX41DS Adventure Dual Sport Helmets
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Price $164.95
AFX FX-120 Multi Helmets
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MSRP $159.95
Price $107.95
AFX FX17 Wood Camo Helmet
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Price $99.95
AFX FX200 Solid Beanie Helmet - Dual Lens
  (1 Review)
Price $94.95
AFX FX90 Replacement Shields, Cheek Pads, and Replacement Liners
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Price $19.95
AFX FX70 Freedom Beanie Helmets
  (1 Review)
Price $69.95
AFX FX44 Replacement Shields, Peaks, Cheek Pads, Helmet Liners, and Ratchet Kit
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Price $22.95
AFX FX77 Replacement Shields, Rachet Kit, Cheek Pads, and Replacement Liners
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Price $22.95

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