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Sparx Pearl Helmets has a composite shell construction, making it lightweight and durable. Fitted with form-fitted contoured cheek pads, the Sparx Pearl is the ultimate in interior comfort. Including an in-visor anti-fog system, it has increased ventilation for no stuffiness on the inside.

Sparx Pearl Open Face Helmets include a visor and pair of goggles to complete the look. With an replacement program for after a crash, Sparx Open Face Pearl is also backed by a 5 year manufacturer's defect warranty, making it a great helmet all around. Each Pearl Open Face Helmet meets or exceeds DOT and ECE 22-05 standards, so you can ride in security.

SparX Pearl Helmets are available in several really hot graphics and colors, sure to make you stand out in a crowd. Check out all the new designs and pick up your own SparX Peal Helmet from Compacc.com. Click the links below and get the details on all the newest arrivals.

  • SparX Pearl Iris Helmet has a silver and white pattern reminiscent of fine lace. With a retro feel and classic look, the SparX Iris Pearl is a great choice for the biker chick who lives for the open road.
  • SparX Pearl Studebaker Helmet has a classic retro look and a bright eye catching design. Sure to make you stand out in a crowd, the SparX Studebaker Pearl is a sure winner.
  • SparX Pearl Messenger Helmet gives you wings! Fitted with the wings of Hermes himself, you will be able to fly around town in the SparX Messenger Pearl and get all your errands done in a snap.
  • SparX Pearl Outlaw Helmet has an old school look and a racing stripe for added speed. Slip on your goggles and your SparX Outlaw Pearl and you will be able to ride with the spirits of cafe racers of legend.
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